Desexing FB Tiles 600Free Desexing for the Hokianga and Kaikohe

Call 09 407 1195 to book your free desex and vaccination. 

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Why choose Kerikeri Highway Vets to care for your companion?

  1. At Kerikeri Highway Vets we pride ourselves on providing a warm friendly welcome for our patients. We treat your pets as we would treat our own. Cats and dogs are always kept separate while in our hospital.
  2. David has many years of practice experience.
  3. David has a reputation for relaxing your pet during a consultation, with many regarding him as a real "cat whisperer".
  4. You can be sure that when booking an appointment with us you will always see the same experienced and older vet of your choice every time.
  5. David has had eight years of Emergency Centre work so you know that whatever the emergency, he will have seen it and dealt with it many times before.
  6. Our surgical facilities are of a high standard and allow safe operations for many serious problems.
  7. Emergency care is always available 24/7 through our clinic number 407 1195.